Friday, 22 March 2013

A minor set-back of a week

Well, it's been a while since I had chance to even blog, let alone take some concrete action towards making things happen.

It was a tricky weekend.  My son had arranged to go BMX-ing with a couple of his friends for both afternoons, and my daughter was working, so I was looking forward to some bonus 'me' time.  Sadly the weather had other ideas and it chucked down all weekend, meaning that both friends cancelled (BMX ramps too wet, and apparently teenage boys don't go out in the rain anymore!), leaving my boy fed-up and bored - a lethal combination for Tourettes.

I took him into town and ended up spending a fortune on lunch out to lessen the time we were both stuck indoors at home.  He still shrieks outside, but it's diluted and less frequent, and the thought of bumping into Someone That We Know, or, horror of horrors a Teacher From His School, serves as a very adequate mind distraction for a while.  However, there's a limit to how long you can drag a 13yr old boy around a few shops in a small town, so I forked out on a couple of cheap dvd's for him and we trundled home.  It was a very stressful evening, relentless, and a long, long time before he slept that night.

After crying myself to sleep in despair, I decided that Sunday I would just take him out, whatever.  He happily pootles along on his bike while I walk, hopping up and down kerbs and speeding off, speeding back again - he ends up covering twice the distance I do.  When my daughter went off to work, we went.  It was freezing and raining, but we just walked and cycled.  For miles.  We stopped for coffee on the way, and we picked up a few bits at the supermarket, but in the end, we were out for 4 hours.  Result.  He was way better in the evening and was even asleep by 10pm.  Boy, was I aching the next day!

And then a bit of a set-back.  By Wednesday I was feeling decidedly manky - no voice, and a throat that felt like knives slicing it.  To cap it all, the special needs child I look after on a Wednesday decided to go into full kick-off mode and I spent all day trying to restrain him from alternately killing other children, and escaping the building.  Result?  I trashed my back and have spent the last 2 days in agony. 

I have a back problem at the best of times having wrecked it in a car accident when I was 19 and travelling Australia.  Curiously it can cope with any amount of physical sport, dancing, karate, you name it, but if it twists a certain way, all hell breaks loose and I can barely move.  I can go months with no problem, then one day I'll reach for the shower gel and bang, instant agony which then costs a fortune to fix.

So, feeling a bit sorry for myself today.  The voice has returned slightly, bringing with it a streaming cold, a visit to the osteopath hasn't afforded much relief, another round of that on Wednesday (my poor overdraft), and the housework has gone to pot! 

Oh well.  Let me spill the gratitude and be positive.  I'm thankful to at least have access to an overdraft, and therefore the money to pay to get my back fixed.  Feeling ill has re-iterated the fact that I need to sort out the diet pronto, and find ways of managing the stress.  It's all good, all another prod in the back to propel me along.  I'm also smiling hugely after finding a bunch of flowers and a massive Lindor easter egg on my doorstep when I returned home - a gift from my lovely friend to cheer me up!

I also logged into this blog this morning to see where I left it, and found a truly lovely comment from Debs Beschler.  Thank you Debs, can't tell you how uplifting that was this morning!

Please dear Universe, please can the cold and the rain go away now, and please can we have some sunshine for the 2 weeks' holiday over Easter, so I can get my boy outside.

I quite enjoyed our 4 hour walk to be honest, felt good to get some proper exercise.

I'm going to rest up this weekend, not moving too well anyway, and shift this cold, catch up on some sleep, make some more plans.  I have 2 weeks off from the end of next week, I'm really really going to use that time to clean up my diet - plan it, buy it, tweak it, find recipes, etc. 

That's my action goal for the next 3 weeks.

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