Sunday, 24 March 2013

A blessing in disguise

Well, my back is still nasty thanks to a rather irritating cough that is keeping me awake and not doing my poor spine any favours, so I am taking the week off work.

(Absolutely no idea why the background text colour is a random lilac, oh well!)

It means I have three days before the onslaught of the Easter holidays to kickstart my plans - very excited!  I spent most of yesterday asleep, full of cold and achey and not wanting to move around too much, but today I've felt a little better.  I did spring clean the lounge however, despite the dodgy back, very slowly, but it feels good in here now, and I'm inspired to do the whole house over the holidays.

I've also been doing a lot of diet research and reading.  I bought this book last year, which I have been re-reading today.....

It's by Kris Carr, a cancer survivor, whose enthusiasm for real food is infectious.  Having been an advocate of a vegetarian raw food diet for many years (see a previous post and pic of my healthier self!), Kris's book caught my eye after I read an article about her on facebook.  I love her whole concept.  Some of it is a little impractical for me right now - overly costly, and I don't yet have a juicer, and some of the ingredients are not readily available in a run-down town in the UK, but it's something to aspire to, a direction to head in, a path to follow.

I also watched a movie called 'Hungry for Change' (  It's quite long, but well worth the time, as it highlights the shocking state of the western diet and food industry as a whole.  I also watched this last year.  You'd think I would have got my act together by now, having so much information at my fingertips...

Seriously, have a look at that video guys, it's on a free screening for the next few days - it's a wake-up call.

So...3 days between school runs.  A gift in disguise.  I have pen and paper beside me, jotting down a list of ingredients I need to stock up on.  I'm also stuffing my rather large easter egg, but it's got to go...can't have that hanging around while I'm trying to re-create my wholefood lifestyle.  Have also been trawling through Pinterest (who ISN'T addicted to that?) and re-pinning recipes that fall in line with the kind of healthy eating I want to get back to.

Tomorrow I am going to begin spring cleaning my kitchen cupboards, ditching the junk and making room for the new.

A bad back is indeed a blessing in disguise, and I'm feeling very inspired and motivated.

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