Friday, 22 February 2013



This is my first blog post.  I'm a little bit computer illiterate and have to confess that the whole technical side of writing a blog has me baffled. My 16yr old daughter set this up for me so far.  As I evolve, I'm hoping my expertise will too, and I can make this visual layout a little more interesting!
I've been thinking a lot recently about truth and fulfillment.  The soulful and spiritual kind.  It dawned on me that over the years, through work and marriage and divorce and motherhood and loss and a broken heart, I have compromised so much of myself that I hardly know who I am anymore.  The life I am living reflects very little of who I am on the inside, and that feels pretty scary.
Then I got to wondering how many of us are actually being true to our souls on a daily basis.  How many of us are trapped inside the lives we are living?  Stuck in jobs that just about pay the bills but don't fulfil us?  Living for the weekends.  Days full of 'musts' and 'shoulds' and just snatched moments of the stuff that really makes us feel alive?  When I sounded this out to my friends, it seems that whilst we are all generally happy in the grand scheme of things, a trickle of unrest is this it?
So I've made a decision.  I want to live the life of my dreams as I have created it, with intention and purpose.  I want to make a difference in the world.  I want to see how much is possible when I fully commit to living my truth, to creating the life I desire as opposed to reacting to whatever life throws at me.  I want to see if this quote is true:-
The moment one definitely commits oneself - then providence moves too.  All sorts of things occur that would never have otherwise occurred.   Goethe
This isn't about becoming rich and famous or having the best of everything materialistically.  It's about starting from a place that feels restricted, frustrating and a little bit hopeless and journeying towards a life of truth and fulfilment and freedom.  A life that, right now, feels a little bit like an impossible dream.
I want to document my entire journey for a year from where I am now (and I'll write about that gradually) to where I end up, having identified the life I really want, made real plans, overcome real fears and taken real steps towards making it all happen.  I want this blog to be real and raw and totally honest - (I have issues and dark places, just like everyone), even if that leaves me wide open and vulnerable.  I have no idea how many people will read this, nor am I really so bothered.  This is about my promise to myself, my committment to being the best me I can possibly be, holding myself accountable by putting myself out there..... but a tiny bit of me hopes that along the way I can be an inspiration for other souls who are feeling a little bit lost too.
So...a deep is Day One....



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